#GetFreeWithBee – Jaques Online

So my cousin, talented videographer, editor, blogger [and selfie taker] Jacques just moved to LA! We decided to meet up one afternoon to talk about some projects he had in mind, and since we had the spare time, I asked him if he would mind getting free in front of my camera. I was so inspired by everything he wanted to do and I felt the itch to be creative so why not shoot! I wanted to explore a little bit more with using long exposures with colored backgrounds, the process is really like a science with math involved because everything has to be just right. Control is the most important thing you must have, and I learn something new on every shoot! These images reminded me of pop art, like an Andy Warhol feel, and I was sooo excited by the images that were being created! I felt that I was really channeling the creative side that I was longing for earlier this year!

Make sure to follow him @wickedkyd

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