#GetFreeWithBee – Joshua “Showtime” Williams

So I randomly came across Joshua “Showtime” Williams‘ instagram and immediately fell in love with his voice! Crazy how small this world is, but he ended up knowing my best friends that went to school in Tallahassee, FL. During our photo shoot I had him sing some classic R&B songs, from Boyz II Men to Jodeci, to get the real passionate expressions of him singing. Little did he know, he was actually audition to sing at my wedding lol!

If you haven’t, make sure to follow him at @JSWmusiq and checkout his latest EP More Than Just Words on iTunes.


For this shoot I used the Paul C. Buff AlienBees flash units (my favorite strobe lights to shoot with). I used a 3 light set up, with the key light being a beauty dish with a diffusion sock, and two rim lights both gelled.jsw-55

As you can tell I love using  Paul C Buff gear. Make sure to check them out and use my referral code REFTRF2018!

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