#MondayMotivation: Zoya

Where to begin when talking about this shoot?!

First off, Zoya Yaseka is so amazing! Watching her move with such ease was mesmerizing. We did this test run before my shoot with Hayley to give me some understanding of working with an athlete on a trampoline. Little did I know that Zoya would make this shoot so amazing with her effortless movements!

“Learn to fall with grace and you will always trust in your ability to RISE. The only difference between winners and those who accept mediocrity is the winners have failed far more times than their counter parts have even tried.
It is better to try and fail with an open mind and heart then to allow the fear of failure to convince you not to try at all.
Scare yourself one good time and then
Be WILLING to learn from your mistakes so the next time you try… you can do so with positive expectations and and even with anticipation of PROGRESS!
Try and try and try again until that process becomes progress that leads to SUCCESS you can FEEL with ever fiber of your being.
Never lie to yourself and expect that you’ll never fall.
Life! Is sweeter when you’ve known the pain of the lows and can still push to experience the highs.
You cannot have a great high without a great low… the balance is in everything.” – Zoya Yaseka

For this shoot I had one strobe light and 2 continuous lights for the back lights.

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