In The Quiet Moments: Warren Fraser

“Back at it…”


I’ve known Bahamian Olympian and 100m runner Warren Fraser for a couple of years now, but only recently I had the chance to watch him do work on the track. Before the olympics last year, he sadly got injured during a meet overseas. This year he is back at it, and it’s been so inspiring watching his come back. I got the chance to go to Athens and watch him put in some work at UGA. Can’t wait to see what he does in London!



“In the Quiet Moments” is my latest photography series featuring professional track athletes. After having the opportunity to document 3x Olympian, Gold & Bronze Medalist, DeeDee Trotter during her retirement year, I began to notice the quiet moments that these olympians face every day that many don’t get to see. We watch them compete in the largest stadiums, positioned on the blocks in complete silence before they take off, but rarely see the “behind the scenes” that has gotten them to that point. This series is a closer look at these moments.

Make sure to view more images from this series on my website.

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