GQ Inspired Fitness Shoot

“It’s my responsibility. I believe that I was put here for a higher cause. We have people, not only today but over the course of time, that have been in the higher positions that chose to do it and chose not to do it.” – LeBron James

When I saw LeBron James‘ “The King, Is the Greatest Living Athlete (and Here’s Why)” editorial in GQ Magazine I instantly fell in love with the colorful images by Pari Dukovic. The article written by Mark Anthony Green was also very enlightening reading more in depth on James’ view on how he feels it’s his responsibility to speak on issues that the US is currently facing, and being grateful that basketball has given him the platform on such issues, and that it’s more than being a great player on the court.

I wanted to recreate this series and the first person that came to mind was none other than NBA impersonator BDot. You may be familiar with his work on instagram imitating some of your favorite NBA players. I collaborated with LA stylist Jamar Hart to put a little twist on the images. Check out the images below:

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