#GetFreeWithBee – BHen

What DJ do you know throws in Kirk Franklin’s Stomp during a party in LA?! The one and only DJ BHen!

I wanted to continue exploring with my long exposure portraits and decided to hit up my friend DJ B-Hen and asked him if he would mind getting free in front of my camera. I wanted to incorporate people doing what they love and using the long and double exposures to display the feeling of them in action. I’m so happy he said yes because we had so much fun during this shoot!

Typically before I begin shooting I always ask my subjects what they would like to hear to get them relaxed. I started to die laughing when B-Hen was like, “Oh don’t worry I brought my own playlist”… like who does that?! Oh right, a DJ would! We rocked out for about an hour and he gave me a sneak peak of his Coachella 2018 Playlist that he was working on that ABC news just wrote about.

Make sure to follow his awesome life at @DJBhen, download his Coachella 2018 Playlist available on Spotify and Apple Music, and be on the lookout for his upcoming events!

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