#WhatsYourWhy? – John Lewis

When I was in college I was a slam poet with Slam Nahuatl, and before performing our coach would always yell from the crowd “Remember WHY you wrote it.” Till this day that the “WHY” is something I always ask myself. Why am I creating this type of content? How am I using my talents to pursue my purpose? This year I decided to answer those questions by focusing on creating purpose driven content that highlights people striving to be their best selves while encouraging others in the process. After receiving the DJI osmo pocket for christmas, I challenged myself to dive more into video and from that was birthed this series.

Starting today, and every Wednesday, I will be posting a new feature from my #WhatsYourWhy? Series that defines the purpose of each individual and how their “why” is the driving force that pushes them every single day.

Today’s feature is John Lewis also known as the Bad Ass Vegan who is passionate not only about his health and fitness, but helping others as well through his personal training as well as motivational speaking. He’s one of the top fitness consultants that has received a lot of respect for being able to keep his physique while living a vegan lifestyle.

This series was shot on the DJI osmo pocket.

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