Staying Positive During COVID-19

With the first week of “quarantine” being in the books, I decided to reflect on this week and share some honest insights on how I’ve stayed motivated and positive through this week. Being a full-time artist and entrepreneur, I would be lying if I said this week wasn’t a challenge, receiving cancellation after cancellation. In those moments, the easiest thing to do is to swallow yourself in misery, lay in your bed, and make matters worst! For me, I found motivation in second chances! So here’s what I did to keep busy this week:

  • I reactivated my blog!
    • If you’ve been following me, my blog habits have been on and off! This week gave me the motivation and push I needed to reactivate my blog, and in this process I remembered how much I enjoyed sharing my process in creating. I’ve scheduled 3 blog post a week all the way through May! That made me feel accomplished as well as inspired me to want to plan and create more!
      • Honest moment: This process did start to get overwhelming when trying to plan how to schedule my blog post and coordinate it with my instagram. I wanted everything to be perfect and make sense, and then I gave myself a break and reminded myself that it doesn’t have to be!!! Just be consistent! So I am grateful that I am on my way to consistency in my blog!
  • I challenged myself and started creating online photoshop tutorials!
    • I’ve been asked numerous times about one on one tutorials and editing advice so I finally gave in and have been sharing weekly tutorials on Skillshare! I was hesitant at first because the idea of recording myself talking is nerve wrecking, but this time at home pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and try something new! Be sure to sign up for a free membership and be on the look out for my upcoming tutorials!
  • I’ve caught up on all of my editing for clients! I’ve been able to reschedule some jobs while reassuring my clients that everything happens for a reason!
      • This time is challenging for everyone, so reassuring your clients may be the motivation they need to not feel down and out. 
  • I changed my branding and updated it on all my platforms! So check out and let me know what you think about the updates (logo/layout)!
    • I’ve also designed new promo books to order as well!
    • And I’ve sent numerous promo emails to potential and dream list clients!
  • I started pre-production for my upcoming short film that I am soooo excited about to be collaborating with my cousin on!
  • REST, Recharge, & Reconnect!
    • With all the work I found to consume my time, I made sure to spoil myself and caught up on all my favorite tv series! Rest is important, especially during this time, so don’t forget to spoil yourself and enjoy your “me time.”
    • I also used this time to reconnect and catch up with friends and family!

Moral of the story: Down time is the best time to recharge, regroup, and re-attack all those things you’ve been holding off on. The idea you were scared to start, START IT; the email you were afraid to send, SEND IT; the project you’ve been procrastinating on, DO IT; the rest you haven’t given yourself, TAKE IT. This is a time of PERSPECTIVE, so use it to your advantage! I can’t wait to see all the amazing ideas that will be birth in this crises! #BeeFearless

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  1. Hairs_ladylo says:

    You are the motivator for the unmotivated. You are Inspirational for the uninspired! You are Simply Amazing. So proud of you. 🐝Fearlessly Beautiful! Love it and Love you. Mom

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