Workshop Series 2!

A few weeks ago I decided to do my FIRST ever Bee Fearless N Create live online workshop series! I grabbed together a group of amazing, talented artist, and hosted 6 classes for only $49 (Valued at over $1,200)! If you missed it, you can still catch all the replays!!

After having such amazing feedback, next week we are kicking off our next Workshop Series for video content creators! 5 live online classes for only $49!

We have an amazing line up of teachers and workshops!

Comedian, influencer, and content creator NellySoFunny will be teaching iPhone video editing. Creative Director & Model Sir Chidi will be teaching creative direction. Video editor and film maker Brittney Janae will be teaching how to shoot your own video content. Artist, songwriter, and director, Chris Scholar will be teaching how to create making music video treatments. And last but not least, filmmaker Tailiah Breon will be teaching about creating a short film.

Please visit the website to learn more about these amazing teachers and don’t miss out on this amazing workshop series!


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