#FitnessFriday: DeMichael

“Ready to return to the ring!”

I had a great time photographing professional boxer DeMichael Harris aka Trigga Man.

This was such a fun shoot and such a great feeling to just have the opportunity to create with no limits (since covid did stop the show for a while :/ )! From playing with colored gels and long exposures, to adding water for effects, we were able to capture some great images! I embraced the freedom to just explore and experiment and it was such a fun process!

For these images I used a Profoto (D2 + D1) 3-4 light set up. For the key light I used the OCF Beauty Dish camera right of the subject. For the rim lights, I used grids and colored gels aimed on each side of the subject. For the below image, I added a gelled fill light in front of the subject.

More images from this shoot can be seen below!

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