#FitnessFriday: Quasars + Strobes

Reginald_580 copyReginald_374 copy

I’m not going to lie, this shoot was a little challenging because this set was built to shoot video with the fitness models. Mixing constant lights plus strobes can somewhat be a challenge, but greatness can come of it when you understand lighting! The back lights consisted of 4 gelled quasars to create a beautiful color falloff behind the subject, and the videos came out amazing. Now the challenge was being able to take photos that resembled the video, while still having the detail of the models. Of course the video shutter speed was below 1/60th, and for stills, unless you are on a tripod, it would be difficult to get sharp images with such a slow shutter speed. So I metered for the background, and dropped my aperture low enough to get the colored gels in the image, but I needed a fill light for the subject that wouldn’t blow out the back lights. I decided to use a AlienBees Ringflash, with a Triple-Layer Diffusion Sock which gave me enough power to fill in the models without losing any of the colors from the back lights.

As you can tell I love using  Paul C Buff gear. Make sure to check them out and use my referral code REFTRF2018!

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