#MondayMotivation: Kerron Clement

“I truly believe that we can overcome any hurdle that lies before us.”

A few weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to work with 400m hurdler and Olympic Champion Kerron Clement. Although the Olympics has been postponed to 2021, the grind doesn’t stop. Athletes are still training from home during the quarantine to stay prepared for when their season reopens. While we wait for the season to start, here’s some magic we made!


For this shot I used a Paul C Buff‘s AlienBees Flash units 3 light set up on a cyc wall.


Lighting Diagram for Image Above

On the key light, I had a 47” Foldable Octabox (with the outer diffusion removed) on a boom arm. I removed the diffusion so light wouldn’t be so soft on the subject. The fill light was a 64” Soft Silver PLM™ Umbrella with a PLM White Front Diffusion Fabric to the side of the subject. For the back light I used a 7” Standard Reflector aimed at the background and behind the subject so there was no fall off on the skin.

For this shot I used a Paul C Buff‘s AlienBees Flash units 1 light set up.


Lighting Diagram for Above Images

Because of the dynamic pre-lit hallway we were shooting in, I had a 47” Foldable Octabox on the floor and aimed up at the subject to fill in the subject.  I had the power lowered to allow me to shoot with a lower aperature to be able to get the lights in the background blurred.

As you can tell I love using  Paul C Buff gear. Make sure to check them out and use my referral code REFTRF2018!

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