#WCW: Jasmine

Guess who got signed?! So after submitting the images from our first shoot together, Jasmine ended up getting signed by Sports + Lifestyle Unlimited Agency! Woohoo!!! So we decided to do a second shoot to add more fitness, lifestyle, and swimwear looks to her portfolio.

#MondayMotivation: Jasmine

So one of my best friends from high school expressed to me her interest in getting into modeling, and with her basketball and yoga experience I suggested her getting into fitness modeling. During my visit to Miami we reconnected and made some magic on a cloudy, rainy day, and guess what?! These images helped her…

#MondayMotivation: Kerron Clement

“I truly believe that we can overcome any hurdle that lies before us.” A few weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to work with 400m hurdler and Olympic Champion Kerron Clement. Although the Olympics has been postponed to 2021, the grind doesn’t stop. Athletes are still training from home during the quarantine to stay…

#WCW: Karlee

Had the opportunity to photograph beautiful fitness model Karlee of Sports + Lifestyle Unlimited to update her portfolio in Miami. I love shooting in natural light especially when you can guide your subject in the best position for lighting!  

#WCW: Robin Bone

“Turn your dreams into a goal and a goal into a reality.” Prior to documenting some of Robin Bone’s training sessions, we connected to do some updates for her modeling portfolio for Sports + Lifestyle Unlimited Agency. We decided to start with a sunrise shoot which turned out AMAZING lighting wise, but what you can’t…

#FitnessFriday: Catrina

Had the opportunity to photograph beautiful fitness model Catrina of Sports + Lifestyle Unlimited on a beautiful day in Los Angeles.    

#MCM: Freddie Fleming

Just going to throw some nice natural light photos of Freddie Fleming taken at FD Studio. For this shot, since his back was at the window, I had a white v-flat behind me to bounce light back onto the subjects face.

#MondayMotivation: Zoya

Where to begin when talking about this shoot?! First off, Zoya Yaseka is so amazing! Watching her move with such ease was mesmerizing. We did this test run before my shoot with Hayley to give me some understanding of working with an athlete on a trampoline. Little did I know that Zoya would make this…

#GetFreeWithBee: Mike Merrill

While doing the clean fitness shoot with Mike Merrill posted earlier this week, we decided to get creative and do some long exposure boxing shots. Styled by: Summer Tinch For the lighting set up, similar to my shoot with Travis Cure, I used a 4 light set up using the Paul C Buff‘s Einstein 640 watts…

#MondayMotivation: Mike Merrill

Had the opportunity to do some fitness shots with Atlanta based Actor Mike Merrill who was recently in The Bobby Brown Story. We wanted to create some Men’s Health Magazine clean fitness shots which is right up my alley. Styled by: Summer Tinch For the lighting set up I used a 4 light set up using…

#WCW: Nikkie

A couple of weeks ago I got to photograph Nikkie but this time for her birthday! We shot at the wonderful FD Studio which not only provided great props and places to shoot in the studio space, but it had amazing natural light. For the most part I only had to use a white V-flat to…

#MondayMotivation: Hayley

I had the opportunity to photograph UWS Soccer player and  Sports + Lifestyle Unlimited fitness model Hayley styled in Nike gear. Inspired by the movements and motion in Carlos Serrao Nike JDI campaign, I wanted to try my hand at it with my own personal twist. For this shoot, the model was jumping on a trampoline…

#GetFreeWithBee: Janine

I had the opportunity to work with this talented and beautiful singer Janine in Los Angeles. She contacted me wanting to do some long exposure portraits. I enjoyed playing around with different colored backgrounds for this series. I had an amazing glam team, make up by Christian, and hair by Porsche. Make sure to follow all of these amazing talents!

#MotivationalMonday: Paris

Got to connect with artist Paris Libretto again, this time focusing on promotional imagery and single covers for his upcoming album. It is always great seeing the progression and development of artists, and being apart of the process is so humbling and motivating for me!

#GetFreeWithBee: Devan

Continuing with my long exposure series while in Atlanta, I got to work with a great friend, actor and model Devan Dmarcus to create some expressive portraits. I love reconnecting with amazing artist like him and catching up with all the amazing things he has in stored for Black Men Smile. I can’t wait until he…

#GetFreeWithBee: Travis Cure

While traveling to Atlanta for work, I decided to contact some old friends to create art with, continuing with my long exposure series. I got to work with actor and model Travis Cure to create some amazing portraits while also playing around with incorporating colored gels into the background of long exposure images as well….

#WorkoutWednesday – Sarah Paul

So me and Chicago based model SP have been trying to work together for some time. While she was traveling to Atlanta for work, I happened to be there at the same time and we were able to finally work together! For this athletic lifestyle shoot, I wanted to incorporate a head wrap in the looks….

#MondayMotivation: Danah

Had the opportunity to do some acting headshots back in Atlanta for Danah. We previously met through my mentor while I was in college at Virginia Commonwealth University, so when she told him she was in need of some updated headshots he contacted me and this was what we created. For the lighting set up…

#GetFreeWithBee – Dance

In college, at VCU, I met these two amazing dancers Malik and Kiana! I just love how social media keeps everyone connected, because we were able to reconnect back out in LA. They have both followed their passions which led them to LA and I continue to be in awe watching their dance videos. From…

#MondayMotivation – Rudegentleman x Blue Kimble

Had the opportunity to photograph LA based actors and comedians Frankie (@rudegentleman) & Blue Kimble (@blue_kimble) for their upcoming business venture. We wanted to go for some clean promo images, one business and one casual look. Make sure to follow these two to see all the funny sketches and amazing projects they have coming up!